Savannah Feed the Hungry helps over 100 people with free gas

Savannah Feed the Hungry helped more than 100 people in pumping their tanks at no cost on a Saturday.

“Half an empty tank! It’s a great blessing,” Janet Jackson said. Car after car waiting to be filled with a tank of free gas. “I came here earlier and there were people that were out of gas actually, barely getting here,” State Rep. Carl Gilliard declared. “It means a whole lot,” Norris Lemon said.

Norris Lemon says he got in line almost forty-four hours earlier than the event began. “It means a whole lot,” Norris Lemon said. “When I got back around 5 a.m. at about 6:00 a.m. I noticed the cars lined up. I thought “Oh, that’s it I saw the cars line up!” Lemon was one of the nearly 150 people who earned an amount between $30 and $25 worth of gas at Savannah Feed the Hunger’s event.

“It means a whole lot” 

“There are many senior citizens present. There are lots of single mothers. There are many males. The people need help.” Rep. Gilliard said. “It means we get to put a little bit of extra food in the house,” Jackson declared.

Some claim that the cost of filling up the tank has doubled. “Right now, it’s going to be like $74,” Lemon stated. “It went from $30, and it just went up to $60,” Jackson told me. However, it’s a requirement that they can’t escape.

“It’s the difference between getting to work and not getting to work.” The day before, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill that will temporarily suspend Georgia’s tax on gasoline sales until May.

“That is great as well,” Jackson declared. Rep. Gilliard says signing the legislation into law is precisely what people want. “The prices for gas are one thing. Groceries are another and the people struggle. This is a good time to do it. I believe we’ve done something right,” Rep. Gilliard stated.

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