New “SAV” Signs to Enhance Savannah’s Iconic Landscape

SAV sign

Savannah Convention Center and Eastern Wharf are home to new “SAV” signs, which Visit Savannah unveiled last week.

Adding these additions to Savannah’s already captivating scenery will follow in the footsteps of cities such as Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Toronto, which have successfully incorporated iconic sculptures of their names to enhance tourism.

“We intended for these signs to become the backdrop for photos and videos captured by locals and visitors who then hopefully will share those stories on social media,” said Joseph Marinelli, president and CEO of Visit Savannah. “Social media plays a significant role in our marketing efforts. With the installation of the new SAV signs, we will now enlist the help of thousands of new brand ambassadors to help share Savannah’s remarkable story.”

The SAV signs are located on properties owned by Mariner Group/Eastern Wharf, Savannah Convention Center, and the City of Savannah. The preliminary plan was presented to those stakeholders and received unanimous approval and enthusiasm.

“I’m excited that the new SAV signs have been installed around the city. One offers Savannah’s beautiful and historic skyline as a backdrop, while the other captures the magnificent container ships coming upriver,” Mayor Van R. Johnson, II said. “Public art is important, and I appreciate Visit Savannah, the Savannah Convention Center, and Eastern Wharf for partnering to deliver on this outstanding collaboration. We look forward to seeing Savannah highlighted in this new way on social media for years to come!”

Savannah’s new landmarks represent more than just photo opportunities; they are symbols of the city’s commitment to progress, innovation, and community collaboration. Visitors and residents of Savannah are invited to explore these new additions and share their Savannah experiences.

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