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Me, Myself, & Us Productions: “Immediate Family” Documentary / Q&A

April 26 @ 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

“Me, Myself, & Us” Productions presents “Immediate Family”.
Featuring a screening of documentary, Band & Director Q&A, and Masterclass.

* NOTE: This event is the ticket page for the documentary screening, Q&A, and masterclass ft. Leland Sklar, Russ Kunkel, and Steve Postell on April 26th.
For the Concert, see the event link for Thursday, April 25th.

The incredible architects of the musical timeline of many of our lives are coming to SAVANNAH, GA! You’ve heard their contributions through the timeless hits of such names as: James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Phil Collins, Carole King, Stevie Nicks, Hall & Oates, Joni Mitchell, CSNY, Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, and too many more to list.

Any time you sang along to James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”, Jackson Browne’s “Running On Empty”, Carole King’s “It’s Too Late”, and so many others, you were singing the music of these iconic artists.

Thomas Claxton’s “Me, Myself, & Us” Productions and Plant Riverside Savannah welcomes some of the most legendary artists in the history of the music industry, “The Immediate Family” and film Director, Denny Tedesco, for a one-of-a-kind event. The world-renowned documentary, “Immediate Family”, was released globally to great reviews. Immediate Family members: Leland Sklar, Russ Kunkel, Danny Kortchmar, and Steve Postell as well as Director Denny Tedesco will all be on-hand for the full-screening of this amazingly informative documentary and a Q&A session immediately following. There will be opportunities for the audience to ask questions and speak to the Artists and Director as well.

As a bonus of the evening for any and all aspiring musicians or others just wanting the experience… there will also be a Masterclass featuring Bassist: Leland Sklar, Drummer: Russ Kunkel, and Guitarist: Steve Postell !

Director Denny Tedesco grew up in Los Angeles. In 1996, Denny set out to tell the story of his terminally ill father and session guitarist, Tommy Tedesco. “The Wrecking Crew” Documentary the story of the Los Angeles Studio players in the 1960s was finally released in 2015 and went on to become a critically acclaimed hit around the world. Coming off the success of the Wrecking Crew, Denny turned to the next generation of players of the era of the Singer Songwriters called the Immediate Family. Currently Denny is in production on the Documentary, “Clap For the Wolfman”, the Story of Wolfman Jack.

Producer, Grammy Award winner Greg Richling is a film, television, and music producer, as well as co-founder of production company, Pfonetic. Prior to his current roles, Greg spent 20 years as a member of The Wallflowers, founded the music discovery platform Unkovr, and was Head of Music at BitTorrent Now. He graduated from the College of Communication at Boston University with a B.S. in Film and Broadcasting.

“Immediate Family” is the story of a group of close friends who became the studio band to the biggest stars of the 1970s and beyond. This documentary chronicles the next wave of studio players to follow in the footsteps of 60s session icons, The Wrecking Crew.

Directed by Denny Tedesco who made the original “The Wrecking Crew” documentary, “Immediate Family” follows the next wave of musicians who would create the Singer-Songwriter sound. They were Leland Sklar, Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel, and Waddy Wachtel. They backed everyone from James Taylor, Carole King, Don Henley and Linda Ronstadt, to Crosby & Nash, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, Keith Richards and so many more. This small team of players would go on to change the course of musical history, creating the sound of the 70’s and all that came after.

“In 1996 I started my first documentary, “The Wrecking Crew”. It was the story of the Session players of the 1960s in Los Angeles. It was a personal journey for me because one of those musicians, Tommy Tedesco and guitarist was my father who was passing away at the time when we started filming.

I had been hesitant to make a follow up to “The Wrecking Crew”. But when I was approached with the idea of “The Immediate Family”, I didn’t think twice. “The Immediate Family consists of; Danny ‘Kootch’ Kortchmar on Guitar, Leland Sklar on Bass, Russ Kunkel on Drums, Waddy Wachtel on Guitar and Steve Postel on Guitar. They were at the genesis of the ‘Singer Songwriter Era’ in the 1970s.

The opening line in the Wrecking Crew states, “This is the story of my father and his extended family, The Wrecking Crew”

Well, Immediate Family proved my point. The musicians in these films have reached a success that only many of us could only dream of. But what they have with all musicians is their brotherhood and sisterhood. A bond that can only be united over 50 years together. They become family.

There is a similarity between the generations of musicians. But where they differ is why the Immediate Family story needed to be told. These are guys in their mid 70s recording and playing and loving it like they were in their 20s.

In many documentaries, you have to wait for interviews to be booked so that the artists and management can decide if they want to participate in a project. Not with this project. Within five days of taking the project on, we had Carole King, James Taylor, Linda Rondstadt, Jackson Browne, Phil Collins, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks and David Crosby booked.

Each one of these legends always felt the same way as the band. They were all family on a musical journey that continues today.”

– Statement, Director Denny Tedesco



April 26
7:00 pm - 10:30 pm
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District Live at Plant Riverside District
400 West River Street
Savannah, GA 31401 United States


Thomas Claxton’s “Me, Myself, & Us” Concert Series
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